Worcester Neighbor Network (WNN)

Mission: Provide support to Worcester residents in need of resources and assistance by:

  • Encouraging/recruiting volunteers who are interested in supporting our community by participating in town service efforts, assisting local residents when/where help is needed (confidentially/as allowed by the residents).
  • Gathering valuable information, such as: volunteer data, resources, transportation opportunities, financial support, fuel rates, food and clothing, plus local and state programs available for community members.
  • Staying connected with Doty Memorial, the Worcester United Methodist Church, Worcester Food Shelf (Wednesday luncheon staff), and Worcester Volunteer Fire Department; making sure WNN is aware if there are any residents, families, or children in need of assistance/support.
  • Being proactive! Educate the community on a regular basis (quarterly or bi-annually), letting residents know about current resources mentioned above. Create more opportunities for residents to come out and participate in groups, game nights, farmer’s market, etc.

Questions and requests for assistance should be directed to the Worcester Town Clerk, Katie Winkeljohn, at 802-223-6942. All of the necessary support will be processed through the Town Clerk, reviewed, and filtered as seen fit. When/if requests are approved, the information will be dispersed to the necessary WNN committee members, and volunteers may be called/sent for support as needed.

The WNN meet on the last Wednsday of each month.