Ladd Field / Haymeadow Committee


The Ladd Field / Haymeadow Committee meets as needed. Please see Events Calendar and Meeting Warnings on the home page to check for upcoming meetings. 


Archived meeting warnings and minutes are maintained at the Town Clerk’s office. 


Please see Directory for current membership roster and contact information.

“For All to Enjoy”

Worcester’s residents are the lucky beneficiaries of the generosity of Joseph and Edna Ladd, and their daughters Evangeline Ladd Walter and Elaine Ladd Purpel, who donated the land that is now known as the Ladd Recreational Area and the Ladd Haymeadow.

The Ladd Field Committee was formed by the Selectboard to manage the use and maintenance of the property, in accordance with the Ladd Family’s wishes. The committee has used grant funds to create new regulation baseball and soccer fields, and they’re currently focused on renovating the old basketball and tennis courts.

The committee holds monthly meetings and usually works on the field two or three times a year. Anyone who’d like to pitch in is more than welcome.