Planning Commission

Worcester Planning Commission Seeking Support

The existing Town Plan was written in 2007. To qualify for certain federal and state funds (FEMA, alternative energy initiatives, conservation resources, etc), our Town Plan needs to be updated and adopted. Bill Arrend, the volunteer chair of our commission is looking for a few residents of our town to join him on the committee to revise the plan. The next Planning Commission meets in the town offices on April 19th, and all are welcome. The committee will meet monthly (every 3rd Tues.), to revise the plan. Interested residents are invited to attend the meeting and/or contact the chair at 223-9014. Come and be a part of Worcester’s future!


The Planning Commission meets on the third Tuesday of every month. Please see Events Calendar and Meeting Warnings on the home page to check for upcoming meetings. 



Please see Directory for current membership roster and contact information.